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          Asaripallam- 629 201, Kanyakumari District.


  • To form and achieve totally a secularistic form of society in India.The party shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.
  • To erradicate the evils of castism and religious feelings.
  • To form and develop the National Sacrifice in the mind of Indians beyond their caste, religion, creed and economic status etc;
  • To form a Modern India with full economic balance without evils of economic partialities.
  • To remember and to respect the patriots and political martyrs who died for the freedom of India.
  • To work for the full establishment of political, economical and religions freedom of all citizen of India.
  • To work against bribery in private and public sector and in all levels of the society individually and collectively.
  • To work against the dowry evils and all such crimes existing in the present society.
  • To work for the upliftment of female citizen of India to achieve their equal right in home, society, employment, education and in politics.
  • To work for the achievement of education, employment residence and equal status in society by all Indian citizen as a constitutional right.
  • To observe true faith and allegiance to the constitution of India as by law established and to its principles of socialism, secularism and democracy.
  • To work for the achievement of the Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity of India.
  • To bring I.A.S., I.P.S. and all other higher officers permanently under the control of President and governors.
  • The party shall have no alliance with any party or any association groups and no wall publicity. no mike-announcement, no conference, no procession or anything such as demonstration and picketing.
          This association shall function through President, Vice president Secretaries, and Treasurer who are elected
          from and out of 15 executive members duly elected by Nationalvide units and representative.

  1. President: He has to preside over all ordinary or urgent general body meetings and executive meetings. The meetings shall be called for by President as and when required through the Secretaries. He is responsible for the growth and development of the party in Ward, Panchayat, Municipal and Assembly levels.
  2. Secretary: He has to assist the president and treasurer in all functions of the party. He has to circulate meeting notices and to maintain files, minutes books and records with all proceedings of the party as instructed by the president.
  3. Treasurer: He has to deal with the funds of the party along with president. He shall possess maximum amount of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) in hand and rest of the amount shall be deposited in any one of the Nationalised bank as per resolution of the party. He should keep receipts and vouchers for all incomes and expenditures with due care and caution.
  1. Any individual citizen of India attained the age of 18 years, irrespective of male or female who is not a member in any other association or political party shall become a member of this party by remitting Rs. 30 /- (thirty) as membership fee for a period of three years.
  2. Members not less than 15 persons shall form the ward committee which is the basic committee of this party electing President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 Executive members among them.
  3. In Panchayat and Municipal level a committee shall be elected among all the ward presidents and secretaries of that areas having president, secretary, treasurer and 15 executive members, likewise an Assembly level committee, parliament level committee, District level, State level and national level committees be formed within three months from the date of formation of the concerned basic committees.
  4. For every trianium of three years, fresh membership shall be enrolled before six months and all elections shall be conducted once in three years regularly after publishing an election schedule. For the conduct of these elections, election officers shall also be appointed by the National committee and state committees. The selection officers should be fair and unbiased persons not entitled to contest for any posts.
  5. The office bearers wish to be elected in any committee shall be devoted to the party in all kinds. Starting from membership 50% of posts in all levels shall be provided to ladies by way of election or nominations.
  6. The party shall post candidates to the elections of Parliament, Assembly and Local body as decided by the National committee and State committee time by time.
  7. A committee of disciplinary action consisting of three members shall also be constituted at National level. State and District level to inquire into and to take action against persons violating directly or indirectly of the aim, development and functioning of this party.
  8. Any dispute regarding election of the party or administration of the party shall not be taken to civil court, revenue or police wing but every grievances shall be addressed only through the concerned election officer and high level office of the party. Any person acting contra shall be ipso facto (automatically) disqualified to exist or function in the party.
  9. All the dealing of funds of the party is subject to an annual audit as decided by the concerned executive committee. The audit period covers 1st April to 31st March of every English calendar year. Any misappropriation or mishandling of funds as per audit report, shall be subjected to criminal and civil action against the person concerned personality.
  10. Any office bearer or executive meetings without any leave application supported by valid reasons shall be removed from his office after issuing notice, calling for explanation with in a week time. All actions on this regard shall be approved by the next succeeding executive committee.
  11. For effective and speedy functioning of the party all the executive members elected shall be below 60 years with sound education. Morality and patriotic feeling.
  12. This party shall not merge with any other party association and shall be dissolved as resolved by the National committee on eminent necessity.
  13. At the time of registration of this party in Election Commission of India , the existing basic committee at Nagercoil shall act upto National Committee for the next three years .within this three years, the party has to extent it's units in all other levels making fit for election upto national level as said in this by - laws for next triunium of 3 years,
  14. This party shall be probohated all over Indian territory.
  15. The general body meeting otherwise called as workers meeting shall be convened annually in the month of May or June calling the entire members enrolled at Panchayat and Municipality levels submitting annual audit report and detailed report for the activities of the party in the last Full year.
  16. Any member or office bearer may relieve from the membership or office submitting written requisition to his immediate superiors concerned. It will be automatically accepted and new person shall be appointed in that post by the superior official concerned. The resigned person shall automatically ceased from his official post in the party by virtue of his tendering resignation letter.
  17. Any required provisions shall be added or removed in this by-laws time by time as per the resolutions of the National Committee of the party.

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