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We are pledged towards the following :

1To give priority for young people under the age group of 35 for Political Roles and to aim at achieving the role of having these young leaders from Panchayat Ward seats to India's Prime Minister's Post.
2Each state should be governed by an IAS who would be a chief minister.
3We do not believe in coalition governments and hence strive to form a government by a single political party.
4Flags of political parties should not flying on tree tops and post's but instead should be treated as cover in harness for the poor people.
5All rivers in the country should be nationalized.
6Unemployment should be eradicated.
7Terrorism should be eradicated.
8Political and Regional Scam's should be uprooted and a golden rule should be formed by young youth.
9All women should be given the quota they desire of 50%
10As seen on Train's Public utility toilets should be constructed on most common and visited places by people.
11Bushes, Thorns and other unnecessary greenery should be removed and flowers, medicinal and trees which yield shadow should be planted all over the roads in India.
12The current method of learning by books should be eradicated and Technical education should be installed from the very 1st standard in every schools.
13All basic neccesities such as Food, Water, Clothes and a Place to stay should be given to each and every single citizen of India.
14In total each and every single person in India should be treated on the same scale and that's the reason Indians Victory Party is being started.

Party's Name

Indians Victory Party is the name of the party regardless of the caste, the religion or the language of the people in India. We Indian's speak many different languages and we have named our party in the most and commonly understandable language of English as "INDIAN'S VICTORY PARTY"
Please remember we do rejoice when an Indian wins an Olympic gold regardless of our caste, community, mother tongue or religion as an Indian, We expect the same from you to unite and make and help us grow as a single force for Indians Victory Party.

"Long Live India"

(A National Party Registered with the Election Commission of India. Registered No : 56/172/2001-J.S.111, 950, Dated 29-04-2003)

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General Secretry


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