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 To completely eradicate corruption in our country educated youth should come to politics  .People who are honest and helping minded are not able to come to politics because there is no money.A political party can not operate without any money ,that too for a new party to coordinate all the people in INDIA a large amount of money is required. The political leaders must be honest with money to help the poor people with the money contributed .

 This is a newly created political party , in conjunction nermaiyanavarkalai want to operate on a national level requires the largest amount of money .

So every patriotic Indian , can donate one rupee or more per day and help to grow


NB: Indians Victory Party , payment can be done from any bank across the world .
See below the bank  name and address to send money .

Account No: 00 530 730 00 00 20 80
IFSC / NEFT CODE: SIBL 00 00 053
South Indian Bank, Nagercoil Branch.
80GGB and 80GGC - there is the full income tax exemption . In need of receipt of payment receipt Xerox copy - in the mail to the address you specify below (India Post) Please mail. Your full address and PanNo. Also specify without fail.

  Indians Victory Party,
Asaripallam - 629 201,
Kanyakumari District.


Posted On : 2012-08-23 02:45:17
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General Secretry


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