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Value and affection Mrs. SONIA JI


Forgiveness is humanity


Their beloved husband at the public rally on 21-05- 1991 at Sri Perumbudur next to Chennai     Mr. Rajiv Gandhi participated in it, a woman named Dhanu through the human bomb Was brutally murdered. More than 14 people died along with him.

Former Prime Minister of India Mr.Rajiv Gandhi murder case Seven others including Murugan, Nalini, Shanthan, Perarvallan, Robert Baias, Ravichandran and Jayakumar Those arrested were  Over the past 26 years, there have been various hardships in jail.

Mrs. Sonia ji. They are very gracious and they have seven love with a mother s love I am very sorry to forgive and make immediate release. Tamils will celebrate their sacrifice with great joy. 7 and their relatives will worship themselves equal to God


23-08-2017   T.JUSTIN RAJAN M.A; M.PHIL.
Posted On : 2017-08-23 17:10:00
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